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Keep Your Lawn Lush This Summer

by aab posted Jul 14 2020 8:00 AM

Keep Your Lawn Lush This Summer


Summer means warm days, outdoor play, and soaking up as much sun as you can. Make sure you are getting the most out of your outdoor space with these four summer landscaping tips!

1) Pay Attention to Your Plants 
Stay away from planting cool-season plants and vegetables. The "don’t" list includes peas, lettuce, and carrots - the edible parts will taste bitter if they are planted in the summer. Consider great hot-season alternatives like sweet potatoes, okra, chili peppers and tropical flowers instead!

2) Water...or don't
Summer dries the soil, so make sure you water like you mean it (i.e. deeply) to avoid runoff and encourage deeper root growth. Not into the upkeep? Opt for some drought-tolerant plants. Not only are they trendy, they conserve water and give you more time enjoying your outdoor space (instead of maintaining it).

3) Tend to Your Garden
This time of year, things can change in the blink of an eye. Pests, drought and soil rot are all things to keep a lookout for. Pay attention to weather forecasts and watch for struggling plants. Also, be proactive about weed control. Get them before they have a chance to bloom, go to seed, and spread!

4) Keep the Grass Green
You know the basics, water in the early morning so plants have a chance to absorb the moisture and fertilize your warm-season grasses. Also be mindful when giving your grass a cut. Don't mow your lawn too close, short cuts mean less drought-tolerance, patchier growth, more weeds and shallow roots.